Hunter & Co Vintage now open in Preston

Today we’re excited to welcome a new store to Diggin’ Melbourne. Hunter & Co Vintage is the latest addition to our online store guide (find their listing in the Inner-North section of the Store Guide page). Hunter & Co currently stocks around 25 crates of quality second-hand vinyl – 50’s to 90’s Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Indian, Metal, Punk, Soundtracks and also some $5 bargain crates.




Hunter & Co Vintage also stock a selection of turntables & audio gear, mid-century/vintage furniture and collectables, plus a few racks of vintage clothing for the ladies. Wow – a diggin’ spot you can take your girlfriend to!




We’re also sad to see Pure Pop close the door of their St. Kilda store for the final time. 221 Barkly St has long been a digger’s paradise – since back in the days of Raoul Records with Ben, Declan and Carl through to it’s most recent incarnation as Pure Pop. Dave assures us Pure Pop will be back as soon as a suitable location is found. You can read more about the forced closure and keep up-to-date with Pure Pop here.

The downloadable PDF of the Diggin’ Map does not include these latest additions or closures – so make sure you check the online Store Guide for the updated listing.

Diggin’ Greville Records

A new regular feature on the Diggin’ Melbourne website has arrived! Over upcoming weeks and months we’ll be talking with the owners, operators and staff of Melbourne’s finest record stores about their history, favourite records and most cherished moments. To get things started we sent our Undercover Digger to one of Melbourne’s oldest and most respected music emporiums – Greville Records.

Watch this space for more Record Store features soon – or follow us receive updates.




Greville Records – We travel the Spaceways!

Here’s a record store steeped in a rich history, and depending on who you speak to and where you’re from, it’s often a store shrouded in mystery! According to the owner, Warwick Brown, “the shop first opened in 1978, I think, maybe ’79… open before 1980 anyway”. Since then the shop has been a mainstay for Melbourne’s music lovers and visitors from far and abroad, as well as a champion of Melbourne’s independent music scene.

For many people, including myself, the first experience of Greville Records is seeing someone else rocking the classic Greville Records T-Shirt, or carrying a white record bag marked with that familiar design. When you step through the door of Greville Records you can literally smell the the vinyl, and the other-worldly design and homage to Sun Ra featured on the T-shirts and record bags all makes sense…



We asked Greville Records owner Warwick Brown a few questions about the highlights of last 35 years. Here’s what he had to share.

First commenced trading?
The shop first opened in 1978, I think, maybe ’79… 0pen before 1980 anyway..?
(And according to Steve: 1979)

What is the main focus of Greville Records?
The main focus for a while has been to survive these wild and crazy times. Apart from that my main focus is to enjoy my day and to keep finding as many new  and exciting LPs to get into the racks.






How have you seen the role of record stores change in the last 30 years?
It hasn’t really changed at all – we’re still striving to keeping all you crazy collectors bursting with tuneful happiness. Record stores are a place to come to get away from the usual horrible drab or surfing the net for tunes… a place for local indie artists to stock their records when no one else gives a damn… and a place to employ manic old record guys like me and keep us form destitution.




You’ve always stocked a lot of vinyl, and possibly more now than ever before. What is it that makes vinyl so desirable?
Well… in a world of fake, mass produced, cheap junk, vinyl takes us back to a time when there was a product that was beautiful, and real, and made with thought, pride, love, care, and artistic & creative desire… records are big… they are beautiful… the are real… they represent the best aspect of the human race.




Can you name some of the most amazing records that have passed through the store in recent times?
WOW… UMMM, We had some mind blowing Northern soul singles recently. Steve and the Board album, an extroadinary and rare Australian LP. A first week/mono UK pressing of the Beatles Please Please Me. A promotional white label USA pressing of Hendrix Electric Ladyland. A collection of Nirvana test pressings…
I could go on?



Name 3 records that define your store?
The Stooges: Funhouse
Betty Davis: Betty Davis
Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde

ABOVE: Cleves LP “Insane Rare OZ Folk Psych Rock”
BELOW: I asked Steve did he have a sleeveface for me – it took him about 6 seconds to reveal Françoise Hardy




3 records everyone should own?
Marvin Gaye: What’s Going On
Can: Soundtracks
Neil Young: Tonight’s the Night






Over the years many incredible musicians and artists have passed through your store. The Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, You Am I… and so on. Is there any particular moment you cherish – one that makes owing a record store all worthwile?
Instore… yes we’ve had anyone and everyone pass through here… the guys from Bob Dylan’s band would come hang out and buy piles of records – and became good freinds of the store. Alex Chilton – doing an instore performance and hanging out smoking weed afterwards was a massive, unbelievable day… He’s a a hero of ours! YOU AM I did a series of gigs in our carpark at the back of the shop in the 1990’s… they were incredible, brilliant!





Heads up and the low-down:

Greville Records
152 Greville St, Prahran
(03) 9510 3012 |

Current Vinyl stock:
In excess of 20,000 LPs / 12″
10,000+ 45s + thousands yet to be sorted & priced

The diversity at Greville Records is incredible – Punk, Indie, Psyche, Stoner, Metal, Garage, Rock, Blues, Cajun, Soul, Funk, Folk, Brasilian, Cumbia, Jazz, Indo, Latin, R&B, Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop, Electronica, Krautrock, Tropical, Country, Rockabilly, 60s, 70s, 80s and more – and all on vinyl. T-shirts, Books, CDs, music, exploitation and cult DVDs.

Electronic dance music, House, Techno, Top 40 or Classical.
* may stock from time to time

Digging tips:
Sadly there are no facilities for listening to records at this store – You need to do your research before you go. Parking in this neighbourhood is a bitch… If you’re serious about having a dig you should avoid parking in 1 hour zones, or catch the train.

What I saw/heard/bought:
Customer: “What’s that record like?”
Warwick: “It does it all – play it backwards sideways and it will walk your dog and make your dinner…”

What’s close?
From here it’s only a short stroll to Obese Records on Izett St, and Bounce Audio on Cato St. For the dedicated it’s only 10 minutes back up the road to Licorice Pie.




Story + photos: Rex. August 2014

Record Store Day 2014

It’s Record Store Day again! That means the new Diggin’ Melbourne Vinyl Lovers’ Tour Guide is available now at all good record stores, music emporiums and select street press outlets. If you don’t have one already you can download a copy or simply browse the updated store guide to decide how you will spend your Record Store Day (and hard earned cash).

There are numerous live performances across Melbourne on Saturday April 19, including Eagle & The Worm, Georgia Fields and Mike Rudd at Basements Discs, British India DJs, Mighty Boys and Dollar Bar at Record Paradise, DJs Harmony and Nun at Polyester, Hue Blaines, Chelsea Wilson and Florelie Escano at Rathdowne Records, Geoff Atchinson at Quality Records, Oscar Key Sung, N’Fa Jones, Sensible J & Dutch and Remi at Northside Records and My Left Boot at Heartland Records. No matter what style of music you’re into – there’s something for everyone on Record Store Day.

We’re also pleased to welcome four new stores to Diggin’ Melbourne in 2014: Feedback Cafe in Yarraville, Lost Ark Antiques & Collectables in Williamstown, The Junk Company in Elizabeth Street (CBD/North Melbourne) and De Bretts Antiques in Moonee Ponds. Make sure you tell ‘em…. “Diggin’ Melbourne sent me”.


Diggin’ Melbourne 2014 is out today

MELBS-cover-350Volume 5 of Diggin’ Melbourne is out today. To coincide with Record Store Day, the map has also been published in today’s BEAT Magazine (Wed. April 16) as part of their Record Store Day liftout. The Beat version features all stores, contact details and trading hours. For the complete store maps and listings you’ll need to seek out a copy of the Diggin’ Map. Both the new Diggin’ map and Beat magazine are available at all the usual outlets.

Our website will also be updated prior to Record Store Day (Sat. April 19). In the meantime you can download a PDF version of the complete Volume 5 right here. Make sure you check in with your favourite record stores prior to Saturday to stay up-to-date with all the Record Store Day events, performances and special offers happening across the city.

Addendum to Beat + Diggin’ Melbourne Vol. 5: Please note RECORD PARADISE new contact details: Tel: 03 9029 6393  |

Thanks to Madman Printing, Plakkit and The Office of Public Works for their assistance in making Volume 5 a reality. DIG.



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