Diggin’ Melbourne – Taking the vinyl to the people

This project launched in 2010. The current fifth edition of the Diggin’ Melbourne Tour Guide is a thorough (but not definitive) listing of specialist vinyl stockists in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We’ve done all the hard work in compiling as many stores as possible – now it’s time to get your hands dirty!

The concept is the brainchild of Chris Gill (Northside Records) and Tim Bartold (Wax Museum). The current 2014 Edition has been developed by Greg Foster (Rex/Blisterfinger) and Chris Gill, and printed with the assistance of Madman Printing.

If you are a store owner and missed out on this edition, please feel free to contact us at digmelbourne@gmail.com  We’d love to include you in  future editions or updates.

northsiderecords.com.au | waxmuseumrecords.com.au | blisterfinger.com.au



FAQ No.1 – “Do they still make records?”

Yes – they still make records, they still make turntables, and yes – new bands are still putting out records. To some people the idea of putting out this kind of map may seem a little pointless. But if you’re reading this you know the score. Vinyl will never die. If you’re a record store owner, you are of course familiar with the Number 1 FAQ at every record store in the world!



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